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Published: August 22, 2020
Author: Rajni Yadav

Chemical Guys, a lifestyle brand for automotive detailing enthusiasts and professionals, has unveiled HydroThread Ceramic Fabric Protectant and Stain Repellant, a highly-advanced hydrophobic stain guard and textile coating for automotive interiors. It provides protection for a variety of vehicle and household fabrics, such as seats, carpets, and floor mats.

HydroThread is scientifically formulated to provide maximum, long-lasting protection against stains caused by liquids and fading caused by exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. HydroThread was formulated to provide protection for a variety of vehicle and household fabrics, including seats, carpets, floor mats, awnings and convertible tops.

HydroThread forms a ceramic Si02 barrier that helps repel stains, resists spills and prevents UV fading for up to 12 months. The product’s formula works at a molecular level to bond to individual fibres, delivering superior hydrophobic performance without compromising the fabric’s look, feel or comfort.

“HydroThread is our first ceramic product designed for interiors and the latest addition to our hugely popular ‘Hydro’ family of products that has demystified the ceramic category, making it accessible and easy to use for every customer that shares our passion for shine,” said Chemical Guys’ chief revenue officer John Mansfield.

To apply, the interior surface is first cleaned thoroughly. A light coat of HydroThread is applied onto dry surfaces. For best results, HydroThread is brushed into fibres with an extra soft fabric brush. Then, one needs to wait at least 20 minutes before applying additional coats for maximum protection. Once application is complete, the ceramic formula should be kept for drying for 24 hours.

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