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FMI’ Analyst view: “The Filtered Brew: Redefining Tea Quality”

Published: November 28, 2023

The worldwide sales of tea filter papers in 2024, in terms of value, are estimated to be around US$ 412.7 million. The global tea filter paper market size is projected to grow at an annual growth rate of 4.2% from 2024 to 2034. The forecast further estimates the global tea beverage filter paper market share to reach up to US$ 622.8 million by 2034.

Tea Filter Paper Market Trends

The convenience of micro-perforated tea filter papers and their ease of use for making tea instantly has popularized the product globally.

A huge market for mesh tea filter papers has been established with the growth of specialized tea stores, cafés, and restaurants.

Specialty tea filter papers have become particularly significant in guaranteeing quality and uniformity in the brewing process of crafted and premium teas.

Prominent Factors for the Global Tea Filter Paper Market Growth

There is a growing need for transparent tea bags with the growing popularity of gourmet and premium tea blends, which are frequently offered in loose-leaf form. The tea bag paper sheets used in its making help to retain the entire flavour profile of premium teas without affecting the taste.

Tea cafes and restaurants often rely on string & tag tea bags to cater to a large number of patients during peak hours. They also place a high value on quality and presentation, frequently utilizing customized tea filter papers to give customers a reliable and eye-catching brewing experience.

Manufacturers of tea filter papers are in a good position to satisfy the need for a range of non-woven tea bags with evolving brewing techniques. For instance, pyramid tea bag designs are adaptable to many brewing techniques, including cold brewing, infusion, and steeping.

Country-wise Insights

Demand for Loose Leaf Tea Filters is Transforming the Market in the United States

North America currently accounts for roughly 21.5% of the global sales of paper tea infusers. The United States dominates the region in the production of tea bag packaging paper and is projected to advance at 3% over the next ten years.

The United States tea filter paper industry has witnessed some notable transformations in recent years with the growing percentage of green tea or herbal tea consumers. So, the creation of high-quality, heat-resistant, and non-toxic filter papers with technological advancements in the paper-making industry is expected to propel the regional market.

Germany serves as the Leading Provider of Tea Filter Papers in the Whole Europe

Germany, with an established specialty paper manufacturing industry, is expected to follow a 4.8% CAGR in tea filter paper production. The sales of filter bags for tea in all European countries together could contribute to nearly 36.7% of the global market in 2024.

The trading and supply of tea filter papers from Germany to other European countries has expanded with the globalization of the tea business. The rising consumption of tea beverages in Eastern European countries is expected to further boost the export of empty filter bags from Germany.

China Manufacturers are blessed with an Ample Source of Raw Materials

According to our global analysis, the production of tea filter papers in China is projected to advance at an impressive 5.5% CAGR by 2034.

Sufficient availability of raw materials for the production of tea bag wrapping materials is expected to retain the dominance of China through 2034. Cellulose obtained from abaca and some other related plants is the most preferred material in China for the production of tea filter papers.

India Tea Sachet Envelops Market to Witness the Most Lucrative Growth Rate

As per our findings, the demand for tea filter bags in India is poised to grow at an astounding 7% CAGR from 2024 to 2034.

With a long tradition of tea beverages, the country is expected to witness a higher growth in demand for tea filter bags and papers. In addition to this, machine-grade tea filter paper is preferred more by Indian tea bag companies.

Competitive Landscape

Established tea filter paper manufacturers are developing their capacity to provide a range of customizable solutions, such as varying sizes, shapes, and even sources of paper used. It is expected to enable them to stand out in the tea bag paper market and improve their brand impression.

Recent Developments in the Global Tea Filter Paper Market

In July 2023, a non-heat sealable tea filter series from sustainable specialty materials manufacturer Ahlstrom was certified for home compost ability by TÜV Austria. According to Ahlstrom, the RegTea Green and RegTea TrulyNatural tea filter paper line, produced in the United Kingdom, won’t leave behind any microplastics or harmful residue when composted at home. The OK Compost HOME accreditation is an additional step in its attempts to become a market leader in sustainable and plastic-free products and customers can use this range to help them meet their own environmental goals.

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